There are many drivers to this change in communication requirements, 2 examples being:-

  • Compliance or regulatory body requirements
  • Director’s responsibilities require that company policies are communicated and understood by employees

Organisations can put internal processes in place to ensure that their communications were received and understood. However, these often absorb significant internal resource, can be slow to implement and can be expensive. Much of this type of communication is ad-hoc in nature which makes it difficult to plan and resource.

This is where Polisys comes in.

We offer a range of services that will communicate your information to large numbers of people quickly and cost effectively. You supply us with the information, the email addresses and any questions you want answered and we do the rest for you.

All of Polisys' services will get acknowledgement of receipt, they can even get legally binding agreements. They also give you the ability to test people’s understanding of your communication.

At the end of the communication process we provide you with detailed reports that prove what was communicated, to whom and what they signed up to, giving you a full audit trail of the communication process.

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