Product recalls are a fact of life. They will happen. The impact they have on your customers and brand will be significantly driven by how you communicate and manage the recall.

Polisys provides customisable services that communicate your recall messages to consumers and manage the inbound customer enquiries and processing of recall information.

Our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements and are ideal for all types of recall including car recalls, food recalls, drug recalls and all other forms of general product recall.

Product Recall Communication Workshops

There is no single communication process that will effectively communicate your product recall to all of your customers. Effective recall communication is about using many different communication channels to get your critical information to your customers quickly.

Our workshops will help you to identify the best communication options for your recall.

Product Recall Processing Service

Traditionally customers who have a recalled product are directed to a call centre to confirm that their product is affected and to provide information to enable the product to be recalled.

These call centres are often swamped with customer enquiries causing yet more customer dissatisfaction and creating a negative impact on your brand.

Polisys’ unique web based system can manage much of this communication process for you. Our system can check if the customer’s product is affected by the recall and collect their contact and product recall information without them having to contact a call centre.

Providing you with a fast, efficient and cost effective recall service.


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